"A beloved Bridgeport dive since 1942, the Merritt Canteen serves a chili dog that will make your lips and tongue glow for hours after you eat it. The dog is a snappy one, deep fried until crunch crusted, nestled in a nice soft bun. The chili isn't meaty; it is a thin sauce. Ferociously hot, delicious, and an ideal complement for the wiener." - Michael Stern -

“The Merritt Canteen is amazing. Best fast food …” says Rachel in a posting she made on CTNOW.COM

On the DineSite, StingrayJG adds, “…I've been going there since I was a teen (80's). You can always look forward to putting a diet aside now and then for a couple of chili-cheese dogs w/ mustard & bacon,mmm:-) …”